Tuesday, March 16, 2010


K gets to be president at school tomorrow and he is so excited. One of the honors of being president is that you get to bring a snack to share with your friends. So yesterday I asked K what he would like to bring for snack and his answer was......"Peas"! First, I had no idea he even liked Peas, second, I had no idea he wanted to bring them to school to share with his friends. Jon and I had a good laugh. K was all concerned about bringing something healthy for a snack. He then wanted to bring everyone a green apple. However, since 30 green Granny Smith Apples were not really in the budget, we settled on some mini cookies. You can imagine how shocked we must have been about the Pea idea since K is our biggest sweet tooth around here. It was pretty cute how devoted he was to bringing Peas. He did buy each of the teachers a green apple though!
I can't wait until I get to go to school with him tomorrow. I had to miss both of the girls Presidents days so tomorrow I am going to be there no matter what!

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