Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cana Dinner 2011

This past weekend, Jon and I attended the Cana Dinner for Church. We have been on the committee to plan the Cana Dinner now for 9 months and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time. For one, it has given us the opportunity to get away together which we clearly do not do often enough, it has helped us to make connections and new friends at our church which we joined in August of 2009, and last, it has made us both feel proud about the success that this dinner was this year to help married couples engage in repeating their vows and focusing on putting their marriages and spouses first.
We invited some of our favorite friends to join us that evening and it was such a special and fun evening to spend with friends and each other. The couple friends that we did invite all raved to me what a great time they had and they also commented that repeating their vows with their spouses brought tears to their eyes and warmth to their hearts. It think they all vowed to come back again next year.
Jon and I were so pleased that everyone enjoyed the fun night and we are proud to be a part of the committee that helped plan this awesome evening.
"God please continue to watch over Jon and I and our marriage, please help us to understand one another and show our love to be good examples to our children, family, and friends" Amen!

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