Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day Again and Again and Again

I feel like we are caught in this "snow day" movie similar to the Grounds Hog Day movie that was out a few years ago (18 to be exact).  The kids have a long weekend this weekend with no school on Friday or Monday.  It is amazing that with all the snow storms we have had this year, they have not had one snow day from school yet.

This past weekend did involve some fun times but due to the storm heading our way we had to cut our trip to Fargo short.  The kids were so bummed that we had to fly out of Fargo on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning but we wanted to make sure we were home in time for the big storm to hit.  It turns out that it was a great thing we did. Sunday morning just as we arrived at church the snow started to fall and it did not stop for a long time...well at this point I am not ever sure if it has stopped yet.
Snow days are always great fun.  The kids and I rented a couple of movies from the Red Box and we snuggled in together on the couch and watched one of them.  Then we decided to head outside to do some shoveling and have some fun.  The kids were a huge help with the shoveling and I think they even kind of enjoyed it.  We came back in for some hot chocolate, some yummy dinner, and some more snuggle and movie time.  Today we laid low too.  I managed to work from home and the kids had a great time outside with the neighbor kids.  I think they spent the majority of the afternoon out in the snow sledding and having fun.  It was fun to watch them from the window as I worked.  I guess you could say I had a great view from the office today. 
As stressful as all this white stuff can be, we did manage to have some fun together.  Now let's just hope it stops soon so that tomorrow we can get to where we need to be quickly and safely. 

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