Saturday, April 23, 2011

MS Day at the Baseball Game

Today was MS Day at the baseball game.  Last month when the MS Society sent out notification to all teams doing an MS Fundraising event, to letting us know about tickets to the Twins game, I jumped all over it.  The Erickson Five along with 35 of our friends headed to the MN Twins baseball game. 
We were able to walk on the new field before the game and get up close and personal with some of the Twins players.  My favorite memory of the day is when we walked by the Twins dug out and Denard Span was just coming out onto the field.  I said look K there's your guy...that is the jersey you are wearing and he must have heard me as he came over and gave K a high five.  The look on K's faces was priceless.  Tonight Jon and I were explaining to him what a BIG deal that really was.  He was super excited and can't wait to tell his buddies all about it at school on Monday. 

It was a cold day for a baseball game but we really did have a great time.  Most people have told me that they are "in" for next year.  I sure hope we have the opportunity to buy tickets again.  It was truly a great day and the best part is that we raised money for the MS Society by partaking in the festivities and going to the game! 

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