Friday, April 22, 2011

Pamper Me Kind of Day

Today on Good Friday, our plans were originally to get together with some family that we have not seen in almost 7 or 8 months.  However, due to some illness that came onto the scene on their end, they had to cancel.  There for, we ended up doing our second set of plans which was a play date our friend Shelby's house both for the Moms and the kids. 

Shelby is a long time Friend of mine from my youth and she is also the person that keeps my hair brown and looking good and now she can claim that she takes care of my nails both hand and toe!  Shelby does hair and now she has added nails to her list of services too.  A few weeks back she asked me to be her model for her new business card she will be sending out to introduce her new services.  Of course I was flattered and all over being pampered and then photographed so I happily obliged. 

Shelby also has twin girls how are just a year younger than my kiddos so they love to hang out together as well.  So this morning the girls and I headed over to Shelby's so she could give me the works with hair color, cut, mani, pedi, and make up while the kids played.  We were there from 10 AM until 4 PM...yes I know it takes a long time to get all that gray out of this hair...and it was a very relaxing and fun day for all of us.  K joined us later after Jon dropped him off.  He and K had some "boy" time together this morning until K was lonely for his "girls" and asked to come over. 
It was a great day and so fun to hang out with one of my favorite people in this world.  She is happy with how the pictures turned out and I am happy that the gray is gone, the nails are painted and I felt so pretty as Jon took me out for a nice dinner and conversation tonight.  Life is so great and we are so incredibly blessed to have so many awesome people in our lives.

Also, I have to post about the kids time in the rain today.  As we were nearing completion of the session at Shelby's, we told the kiddos they could go outside and play.  It was wet out but they really wanted to jump on the trampoline so we let them head out.  It started to rain when they were outside and they had a blast running around and jumping while it rained on them.  I remember when I was young, loving to be outside in the rain.  Something about it just makes it fun.  It was fun to watch our kiddos enjoy that today.  Such a great great day. 

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