Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky Good Times

Wow! It has been a crazy fun and busy weekend for all of us.  Jon missed out as he got called out on a trip on Friday afternoon but we still managed to have some good times regardless of his absence. 
Friday night we headed over to a city sponsored spooky event.

It was fun and the weather was not so bad so we managed to stay for a few hours.  We then headed back to our house and some friends from school came over along with their mom.  It was a fun night. 
Saturday, K started his basketball program and had a blast.  It was good to see him get back into it and he has been down in the basement practicing a ton ever since.

Saturday night we headed to an annual neighborhood Halloween party where EVERYONE must dress up.  This year I went as a Nun and the kids could not stop looking at me.... A said I looked weird, K did not say much but just kept staring at me, and E asked me what I was and when I explained it to her she said" Mom do nuns still exist"?  I thought that was pretty funny. 

Tomorrow is the big night and we have some fun stuff planned with the kiddos and of course Jane is coming over to get in on all the fun and excitement.  Let's just hope the weather holds out so we can have a fun and semi warm night out in the hood. 

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