Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

What a fun night we had on NYE.  We hosted our annual New Years Eve party and although our guest could attending was lower this year than usual, we had an awesome time. 
The kids had their very own party downstairs with crafts and at the kid midnight (10 PM) we had a count down and a balloon drop.  It was so fun and the kids LOVED it.  My fingers were a little sore from tying all those balloons but it was well worth it for the excitement the kids had over. 
Later in the evening the women took on the men in a game of Battle of The Sexes.  Although it was close, the women won the match.  That means we have a girls night out while the guys stay home and watch the kids. 
Above the guys are thinking hard about their answers.  Below, the Women were having a good laugh and a ton of fun. 
Much to our surprise and delight most families stayed until the real mid night and the kids did another count down.  It was a lot of fun and we even got to enjoy the fireworks from our local ski hill that we can see right from our front windows. 
It truly was a night to remember with lots of laughs, cheer, and fun.  It will go down in the books or the blog as another fantastic way to start the new year. 
As the evening came to an end, we had lots of dance parties going on with both the kids and the adults.  You can see we really rocked the house.  Happy New Year to all and may the year ahead be full of lots of laughter, happiness, great health, and joy!  We are off to a good start.  God Bless.


Brian, Toni, Katelin, Annie, + James said...

OMG that last photo is hilarious! We had such a great time!

Shelby Beach said...

Great Pics:0)