Saturday, January 28, 2012

Steamboat Springs 2012

Uncle T, Jon, AEK on the mountain!

We are on our 2nd annual ski trip to Steamboat Springs this weekend.  We are all having such a great time and we have vowed to come back again next year as well.

The kids have been doing great in their ski school.  We feel that they are really coming a long way with their skiing and we know that we will all enjoy many skiing adventures together in the months and years ahead. 

Yesterday after we dropped them at ski school we were standing at the base of the mountain waiting for everyone to get their ski passes for the day.  It was fairly busy around there and soon we heard a ski instructor shouting to his class "Hey class what's my name?"  He did this a few times over and over again and low and was AEK's instructor for the day.  It was fun to see so much enthusiasm from the instructor and we were pleased to know that AEK were going to have a great day; have fun, learn a lot, and create great memories.  Sure enough they had many stories by the end of the day when we picked them up from ski school. 
Today they had a very kind young lady who they just adored.  Both of the days went great and they have skied over 12 miles on both days.  We know this because they put a GPS tracker on the kids to show where they went on the mountain and what they did for the day. 

AEK are up to skiing some of the blue runs and are loving it. Tomorrow we are all going to ski together and we are looking foward to sharing some of our favorite runs with the kiddos tomorrow.  We are all getting spoiled here with good times, good food, lots of laughs, and good nights sleep. 
Stay tuned for some more pictures soon as Jon plans to bring his camera out tomorrow and get some actions shots along with trying to capture the mountains.  It is truly amazing here and there is nothing like cruising down the mountain with the sun shinning, and to top it all off a breath taking view.  Awesome, just totally Awesome! Once again, we are loving this vacation!  We are truly blessed to have this time. 

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