Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Water Park Fun

This past weekend we headed out of town and caught up with some of our favorite "triplet" friends, The Clark Family.  Awhile back, a deal came across one of those "Steals" type discounts and we could not turn it down.  It was lodging for 12 and water park passes for the weekend.  We split this with the Clark family and it was a heck of a deal. 
The kids had fun hanging out together and the adults had a great time catching up and relaxing.  Oh how life has changed for both our families. The kids are getting so much older and it is easier to just "hang" out since all of the kids do so well together.  We have been friends for about five years and we sure do enjoy making memories together. 
It was great fun and my only regret is that I did not get the fancy camera out to take some photos at the water park itself.  We spent 8 hours at the park on Saturday and another 4 hours on Sunday.  It is safe to say we were all tuckered out when it was time to come home. 
Thanks Clark family for all the memory making fun.  We for sure have to do that again. 

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