Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Fun 2012

It was a different kind of Easter this year for us.  Jon was out of town, Grandpa Al and Uncle T were gone but then returned later in the day.  Janie had gone back home to visit her family, and well as you know, Gracie is at training.  So it was Grandma Mary and myself with the three kiddos on Easter morning.
Our festivities started on Saturday afternoon with the big Easter Egg coloring.  We had a great time and this year we ended up with some tie dye eggs and some decorative eggs.  The kids sure enjoy coloring the eggs.

The Easter Bunny did happen to make an appearance at Grandma Mary's house and the eggs were all hidden and the baskets full of goodies arrived.

After the big hunt, a little breakfast, and some hair combing, we headed to church.  We celebrated the fact that Jesus rose from the dead to save all of us and our sins.

It was a wonderful mass and my favorite part was when Father walked around to bless us with holy water and he dosed K right in the face and then smiled about it as he went on his way.  So cute.
We then headed out for some breakfast and soon it was time to pick up Grandpa and Uncle T at the airport.

We had a wonderful afternoon full of great food, lots of laughs and even a mean game of soccer.  The girls lost to the boys but we all had a good time.  Oh how these kids are growing and changing.  It was so nice to celebrate Easter today.  God Blessed Us!

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