Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids and their Playdates

The Girls
Today the kids had a early release from school.  So Jon and I decided that we would let them invite some friends over after school.  Well the list grew and grew and we ended up with 9 kids total including A, E, and K.  Jon picked half of them up at school and then the other half took the bus home.  It was just easier than to over crowd the bus with to many kids.

E & T

E, A, and L

They had a great time playing soccer, kick ball, and baseball for the boys.  The girls enjoyed playing school, Barbies, and Dolls. 
I have to give Jon kuddos for taking all of this on by himself.  I was at work this afternoon and by the time I got home, three of the kids had already left. 
The Boys
This morning in anticipation for the big play date, K wrote the following note to Jon:

It says:
Dear Dad,
I hope you don't get to stressed out this afternoon and I love you so much.  I can't wait!  Love K

Jon was so impressed with this note.  He also came down stairs this morning and the kids had made him a breakfast of cereal, pop tarts, an apple and milk. 

It was a fun afternoon for the kids.  So glad they had a chance to have some friends over to play. 

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