Monday, April 30, 2012

Motherhood is NOT for Whimps!

This past weekend, I saw this on a Mother's Day Card and I thought it was so appropriate.  Being a mother is simply the hardest things I have ever done.  This past weekend we had a Major close call to a situation that could have ended very badly or could have been the end to one of my children.  It is the first and only time that I have witnessed someone being so close to getting run over by a car.  By the grace of God a guardian angel was looking over my sweet sweet child!  It was so close that the car touched my child's body as it went by.  I have played this situation over and over and over again in my mind and what we could have done different.  I have done the "what ifs" over and over and over to the point that it was making me physically sick.  I have not slept well for two nights because I have been so spooked.  I have given Thanks to GOD over and over and over again!  The conclusion is that truly it was an near accident, it opened my eyes to how quickly something tragic can happen.  It's a good reminder to continue to remind my children about safety again and again.  God spared my child this past weekend.  I simply believe that we witnessed a miracle.  My child seems to be fine from this incident but was a little quiet the day it happened.  Jon and I both have discussed what happened and what could have happened and explained the importance of listening and being aware, especially in parking lots! I have  hugged my child  over and over and over again and will continue to Thank God everyday for the wonderful blessings in my life including our guardian angels who clearly looked out for us this weekend.  It was truly a miracle.  God Bless! 

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