Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Camping Queen Returns

I made it back home after my glorious camping weekend with my brother and a bunch of our friends. I had a GREAT time as I do every year on this trip. This year was a little different for me though because I missed the kids and Jon a TON. I was very homesick for them this time. It was noticeable because I was asked more than once if I was "okay". It was my second weekend in a row away from all of them and that is just WAY to much. I told Jon that I do not plan to do that again.
It was beautiful weather this past weekend and we all had so much fun. I had some time to reflect on some things going on in my life and it is amazing how much clarity you can get when you slow down enough to pay attention. There are a few things that I have pondered about changing lately and I saw with much clarity that those changes need to happen around here. The kids had a great time when I was gone. They got to go to the fair again with Grandma and Grandpa and Jane, they also went out for dinner, and they got to spend some time with Sue and Denny. They were so busy I don't think they even had a chance to miss me. I was so happy to see them yesterday. I could not wait to get home and pick them up. I think they were happy to see me too.
Sue sent Jon and I an email last night of their adventures with her. Here is what she had to report:

We went to the park, I actually went with Mia and Luncinda and Lego. Lego of course is this very naughty child that takes a mother (Mia) and big sister (Lucinda) to control. At the park he ran away to the bakery, and Mia told me they have to go get him because he eats all the cakes. This happened several times.

Then we went on a big hike into the woods. K, E and A went with. The loved it. They liked the flowers and things they could find. They were thrilled to cross over a bridge that had water running underneath it.

A made lunch. She heated up the spaghetti noodles in a colander under the facet. She had enough spaghetti on each plate to feed 3 adults so we had to scale back a bit. At the hotel yesterday, I got several cartons of milk so she poured every one's milk into glasses. Now you all know she is Denny's pet, and he was bragging about her tonight at dinner how she poured the milk without spilling and everyone had an exact equal amount. He said she could be a Eucharistic minister and pour the wine just perfect. She then set the table and called everyone in. I put bibs on everyone since it was spaghetti. E was a little "naughty" at lunch, pretending she was a baby. I finally told A and K not to look at her because she was just doing it to make them laugh. K was very serious and told me he was trying very hard to not laugh, but his tummy couldn't help it.

After lunch we played water baseball and water Olympics for quite a while. Afterwards, when they were getting dressed, K told me " I don't want to be Lego for the rest of the day, please don't let them make me do it". (It must be a real effort to pretend you are a naughty two year old, which is how"Mia" always describes him to me).

Jon and I both laughed so hard when we read what K said about his tummy. Yesterday, Sue started a letter of the day with the kids. I thought I would continue that on this morning so I told the kids that the letter of the day was C. Ella replied to me, "but mommy, did you call Sue? How do you know what the letter of the day is?" I laughed at this. She already knows me as I usually would NOT think of letter of the day. So funny!

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