Monday, September 08, 2008

The Erickson Rodeo

Our horse Lucky and the kids were in the annual church parade this past weekend. I am happy to announce that we took 2nd place in the costume contest. We have been in this parade since the kids have been born. The First year we were three peas in a pod, the second year we were the three little pigs, the third year we were a monkey business, last year we were the funny farm and this year we were Rodeo.
This parade puts a lot of pressure on me every year to figure out what the kids are going to be. Every year the people watching the parade always admire the "triplets" and our theme. This year Jon helped me get the horse on wheels and he even dressed up with the kids. It was so refreshing to have him involved. K told him his job was to pick up the poop that lucky left behind. K also told the judges that they should "move over there is a new sheriff in town".
The kids had a blast walking in the parade and throwing all the candy out to the spectators. We had just enough candy until the end of the parade so that worked out great. I need to start thinking about our theme now for next year. If you have any great ideas please feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

awesome costumes! every year you out do yourselves.

those are some great photos too!

ok I will try to think of some ideas for next year... um..... let's see...oh here's one: the butcher,the baker and the candlestick maker. or 3 blind mice...ew kind of sad, plus PETA might freak out! or another monkey theme, but this time the "see no evil/speak no evil/hear no evil" ones.

see ya later-

Anonymous said...

Absolutly the cutest kids in the parade. Theme for next year, boy that is a hard one I will have to think on that one.

What a fun day for everyone...