Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake House Fun 2009

Summer is sure flying by. This past weekend we headed up north to the Lake House that is owned by Jon's sister and family. It is a beautiful place and always a fun time. The kids love it there. Aimee told me the other day as we walked out to the van to get our life jackets for the boat...

"This sure is a nice place mommy"!

The weather was actually unusually cool for this time of year so we did not get to do all the fun summer stuff like swimming, tubing, and hanging out in the lake but we still had a great time hanging out with family playing games (kids favorite thing to do right now) going to the park, playing the Wii, and just hanging out. The kids love their cousins E and E and always look forward to spending time with them.
Big thanks for L & C for hosting the Erickson's once again at the lovely Lake Home!!!

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JMom said...

We ARE living parallel lives... A wedding and a lake trip...just like our weekend.How funny! Your kids look awesome (and so do you) Isn't this age so much fun???