Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two Wheel Wonders

So last week (or maybe it was the week before last) we were driving home one night and A thought she saw the neighbor girl (same age as the trio) riding her bike on two wheels instead of 4 (training wheels). She was instantly demanding that I teach her how to ride her bike on two wheels. Since it was already past her bed time, I explained that we would work on it the next day.
She awoke the next morning and w/out missing a beat she demanded that we go learn how to ride a bike with two wheels. At this point, I turned that lesson over to daddy as he is much more patient with stuff like this. He took all of them down to the street and with in and hour or maybe more like a half hour, the girls were riding their bikes on two wheels. It was really fun and exciting to watch and they are so PROUD of themselves. I have yet to get it on video but I plan to do that next.
Since they have learned, they have been riding their bikes like crazy. We have even been up to the park a few times. As for K, he likes to stick to his 4 wheels for now. We are proud of the girls for learning how to ride their bikes and for the record, A was wrong, the neighbor girl does still use 4 wheels and for now her mom wants to keep it that way! We have not had a wipe out yet but I am sure the day will come. Just another milestone to check off our list!

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Heather H. said...

WOW Way to go Girls!!! that's awesome!!! I'm sure K is right behind them!!