Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introducing....our new Pup!

A few weeks back for our Wordless Wednesday Picture, I gave a hint about what was to come.  If you have not figured it out, we are going to become dog owners.  Our nanny, Erin, helped her parents raise puppies from their yellow lab.  We went to see the puppies the day they were born and we have been back weekly ever since. 

At first, we (I) had no intentions of getting one of these puppies but after much debate, discussion, and prayer, we decided that if we are ever going to get a dog, now is the time. 

The kids are at a perfect age and well, Jon has always wanted a dog.  Our puppy will be put through extensive training to be a hunting dog.

I would lie if I did not tell you that I am VERY nervous about bringing a puppy into our already crazy world but I can say that the more I go and see these puppies, the more in love I have become. 

Tonight we went to pick out our puppy.  There are five girls puppies to choose from and well, it is not an easy decision.  We do plan to go back one more time before we make the FINAL decision but we are 99.9% sure we have picked her...well she kind of picked us. 

Below is the note that we sent to our extended family tonight:

Above is the puppy that we selected tonight.  HER name is Gracie!  She is really sweet and loves to play.  Gracie kind of picked us tonight.  Every time we sat down or turned around she was right at one of our feet.  When we were getting ready to leave and could not decide, I looked down to her sitting at my feet looking up at me with these eyes.  When Jon sat down she came right over and snuggled up to him.  It was really hard to pick because we had all five girl puppies running around in the grass with us.  They are all great puppies and all of them would make great hunting and family dogs.  However, we are only taking ONE and we had to decide.  We did not tell them who we were going to take when we left but we discussed in on our walk home and we all said the same thing....Gracie!  So here she is you will all fall in love with her. 

Wish us luck! 

The Erickson Five


AN said...

She is beautiful and has the most darling dreamy eyes. Congrats!

AN said...

She is beautiful and has the most darling dreamy eyes. Congrats, Erickson Five!