Friday, August 05, 2011

Reunions and Birthday Celebrations

It was a crazy, busy weekend for The Erickson 5 as we were up north for Jon's high school reunion.  It was a ton of fun, especially, golfing on Saturday.  Jon got to see a lot of old friends and catch up.  I managed to have some fun myself.  The kids were in high heaven spending time with their Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins for the weekend.  They were spoiled rotten as usual. 
Sunday was my Birthday, so we headed to brunch with Grandma and Grandpa before we hit the road for home.  It was a long drive but when we got home, we went over to Grandma Mary's for a Birthday Celebration. 
We had King Crab Legs, Steak, great wine, AWESOME cake and ice cream and then I was showered with gifts...needless to say, I felt spoiled and had a blast celebrating my birthday.  The kids sure enjoyed it too.  Especially the cake and ice cream.  Another year has flown by and more and more I realize how quickly that time goes.  I feel so blessed as I turn another year older.  Thank you lord for an awesome weekend and the extra special love that I felt today and I turned yet another year older.  God Bless. 

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