Monday, September 19, 2011

The Corn Maze

 This past Sunday, we decided it would be fun to check out a local Corn Maze.  We found tickets from Groupon that were half off the admission so it worked out perfect.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon of the five of us hanging out together and making memories.  We spent a long time in the corn maze finding all of the letters of the alphabet.  We learned all about space and the kids worked on their map skills.  Also, at this corn maze they had live animals, pig races, air pillows, and the most favorite and unusual thing to the kids was the ginormis bin of corn that they could play in.  Kendrick let us bury him in the corn.

Oh and just so it is documented.  E threw Jon into the corn pit with her.  She worked and worked and worked at it and finally got him to fall in. 
Jon and I have vowed to do more things together as a family.  This was a great kick off to that idea.  We all really had a great time together and have vowed that we will go back again next year for more fun.

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