Monday, September 05, 2011

Puppy Love

This weekend we dedicated to bringing home our new puppy.  Her name is Gracie and she is so cute.  We have bonded, Gracie and I.  To my surprise, Gracie has chosen me as her "safety" person.  I can't believe it as I was the last one on board to adopt her, I do not know much about dogs in general and well to be honest, I was just down right scared.  She loves me and I have to admit, I love her.
She has really warmed up to us and seems to be making herself right at home.  She is in the "teething" mode and well she is biting everything and everyone right now.  The kids have all shed a few tears but we are trying to train her not to do that right now.

Gracie is very smart as she really seems to be "getting" it most of the time.  We owe a lot to the Jones family as they did a tremendous job with all of the puppies.  Gracie is almost potty trained.  She had an accident in the house today but that was because I did not let her out right away when she was whining at the door.
I am amazed at how quickly she can pick things up.  Jon is already starting to train her on some stuff and he is so good with her.  He has always wanted a dog and he is such a natural with her that I can see why.
The kids are all a little different with her right now.
E is thrilled about her and cannot get enough.  When we were at the fair on Sunday, Grandma Mary was dog sitting for us and E asked every 15 minutes if it was time to go home because she missed her.  A likes Gracie but at this point, is not all thrilled about the "teething" part.  K likes her and wants her to chase him but she is still a little young for that.  He does not like how she bites at him either but Jon promised him that in no time Gracie will love to play fetch, K is anxiously awaiting that day.
Toby and Dexter our two senior cats are not impressed but so far they seem to be handling our new addition well. 
Toby and Gracie had a stare down today and Toby won as Gracie decided to go back to her "Safety Zone" after that happened.
I feel bad for the cats as this will be something that is not going to be easy to get used too.  Toby has been snuggling at night with me and so has Dexter so they are both getting good attention. 

Gracie chose us to come and live with and we could not be more thrilled about it.  I realize that she will bring more work to our daily schedule but I know that we are all crazy about her and that she will soon be, if not already, all of our best friend.

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