Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week full of Excitement

Wow!  It has been a crazy week for all of us.  The kids started 1st grade on Tuesday and they are all in their own separate class from each other this year.  They LOVE it!  I knew we made the right decision about splitting them up when they came home from school the first day and they all fought over who could tell the next story at the dinner table.  It was awesome.  Jon and I have our work cut out for us since all of the teachers are very different in their rules and processes but I am sure we are off to a good start and the kids are so happy.
This past weekend we had crazy times with a church festival, soccer for all three, a fun neighborhood party, church, and Birthday parties this evening for Jane and Uncle T.  WOW!  Now I am sitting at my computer trying to catch my breath.
It was a fun fun fun weekend and great to see all the kids thriving so well at school and activities.  They are all doing awesome at soccer and they each scored a goal on Saturday.  They were all pretty excited about that.
Now its time to hunker down for a crazy busy week.  We are lucky this week because we have Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ronnie coming for a visit.  They can't wait to meet Miss Gracie Mae!  Oh and speaking of that cute lil thing, she gained over two pounds in a week and I swear we are watching her grow during the day.  She is doing well and so far we have only had 3 accidents in the house.  Not bad for a week and a few days.  I will post some more pics soon but I especially love the one below of Gracie playing with the cat toy.  Let's just say Toby and Dexter are not Impressed! 

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