Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Grade Music Concert

 Last Thursday the kids had their 1st grade music concert.  All three of them did an awesome job.  Actually, all 90 of them did an excellent job. 
 I have heard rave reviews of the music teacher at the kiddos school and after watching the concert, I know exactly what the kids and other parents are talking about.  It was such great variety and included lots of musical instruments as well as some pretty awesome songs. 
 You could tell that all the kids enjoyed giving the concert to their families. 
 The kids were lucky enough to have both sets of Grandparents at the show, as well as Jane, and both Jon and I. 
 It is amazing to watch the kids and see how far they have come this year.  They are all learning new things at a rapid pace and it just makes Jon and I so proud with all their accomplishments. 
 K is always asking BIG questions of us, questions that I need to google to find out the answer.  A is doing awesome at her Math and reading, and E has mastered her hand writing, reading, and math as well. 
 We sure have some smart cookies and we could not be more proud. It was so fun for the kiddos to have so many loved ones at their concert to cheer them on.  You could tell they were proud of their accomplishments.
We are so incredibly blessed to have A,E,and K in our lives.  We are proud of your every accomplishment A, E, and K.  We love you. 

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