Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gracie is off to School

Jon and I dropped Gracie off at her Obedience Training this morning.  She will be gone for four weeks this time.  We let her ride outside of her kennel when we drove out to the facility where we had to take her.  She laid on her bed in back most of the time but as we got closer to the facility, she crawled up front into my lap and laid there.  It was a sweet departure snuggle for me.
Once we got to the facility, she got out of the car and immediately started to bark.  The boarding facility was full dogs (80 to be exact) due to spring break and all you could hear were dogs barking and barking.
We spend a good amount of time talking to Dave who will be training Gracie for the next four weeks.  Dave actually lives in the Black Hills of SD so today, Gracie was heading to the Black Hills with 7 other dogs who Dave will train.  You will be able to see photos of Gracie and video of her training on Facebook in about a week.  If you go to Facebook and search Black Hills Gun Dogs, you will see the site where she will spend some time for the next two weeks.  Not to shabby!
Note the Pink Bow the Girls added to her!

After she is done with her training in SD she will head back to MN for the last two weeks of training.  During this time, Jon and I will both go out to work with her and her obedience.  Today Dave said that training the dog is the easy part....its the owners that need work....Dave has no idea what he is in for with me!

We know that Gracie is in good hands but I can't tell you how much she is missed.  The kids talked about it so much this morning, that I had to finally ask them to stop for awhile because it was making me so sad.  It's amazing how far I have come in the last six months.  Gracie really is like our 4th child.  She is very LOVED and extremely missed. It's truly amazing how a dog can capture your heart! We will all be excited to see her when she returns and I cannot wait to witness how much she will have learned.

However, I do feel that it is only fair to point out that the two beautiful boys above are THRILLED about having their house back to themselves!

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