Monday, March 19, 2012

A Mid Summers Dream

These past few weeks we have had AMAZING weather.  It is such a treat and the kids have enjoyed wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to school.  I even enjoyed an early spring pedicure to get my feet ready for sandal weather.  It has been awesome.
This past weekend we headed up north to check out the play my niece was in for her high school.  It was Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare.

 It was fantastic and we cold not be more proud of E and her performance.  It was a quick trip up north but so worth the fun.
Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so there was  a lot of talk about leprechauns; both finding and catching them. 
 K was all over getting that pot of gold. You can imagine when we came home from the play to Grandma and Grandpa E's house to find this mess that was left behind by those sneaky little leprechauns.

 Oh so fun.  The kids went crazy!

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