Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amusement Park Afternoon

We had a spectacular afternoon at the Amusement Park yesterday.  We were lucky enough to arrange a play date with some of our favorite friends.  LDT and AEK are doing VBS this week at LDT's church.  Their Mom Tina is their leader and the kids just LOVE it.  Once again the VBS has won over their hearts.  After VBS yesterday, we headed to the amusement park for some fun.
Still not to young for the "little" adventure rides.

Fun is what we all had.  Even the Mom's (who may of had more fun than the kids).  We laughed, we rode, we talked, and most of all we had a spectacular afternoon.  
It is so fun to see the kids get so excited for all the rides big or small.  They truly are so proud of themselves when they have tackled a new "big" ride.  I have to say that they are all so brave and that is amazing. 

Proud "BIG" kids going on the big roller coaster.
We truly love to go to the park and we have vowed to go back with LTD and their mom again very soon.  
Successful Day at the park ended with the famous LOG Shoot ride!
Thank you so much for an awesome day LTD and Momma Tina!  We love you guys!

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