Saturday, June 16, 2012

First and Last Day

Here are the pictures of the kids from their first Day of 1st Grade and their last day of 1st grade.  Oh what a wonderful school year this has been.  It was fun to watch how much the kids learned and how much they truly enjoy school. 

First Day of 1st Grade
Time sure seems to pick up speed once you get the kids into school.  This year flew by us and I know it will just keep getting faster. 

Last Day of 1st Grade
Big thanks to the four teachers, Mrs. Z, Mrs. S, Mrs. S, and Mrs. B that taught our children and made this year so wonderful.  We are forever grateful for all you have done.  It has been a Fantastic year.  We look forward to the summer and a slower pace but we sure will miss some of our friends and of course the teachers. 

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