Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Surfing Fun

This year we broke the kids birthday parties into three separate parties.  We limited the number of kids they could invite and we did these parties outside of our home. 
The Boys Waiting to Surf
The Life Guard Giving K Pointers
Whoops!  Need more instruction.
K had his party on Saturday at a local Water Park.  So we headed over there after soccer.  We had a fantastic time.  It was a small group of boys from school but they were all so well behaved and polite.  It makes Jon and I proud of K for picking such great friends. 
Hot Tub to Warm Up
Gift Opening and Pizza Time
The Boys
We spend 4 hours swimming, sliding, and then eating.  The boys favorite was the surfing.  They all took a turn try to surf in the surfing pool.  Jon loved the surfing too!  We were lucky to have Uncle T and Grandma Mary with us as well and it was a good number of adults to kids. 

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