Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Mechanics

Today Jon was in charge and he decided it was time to get the kids "jeep's" out for them to drive around. They had a blast and all night long they have been begging to go out and drive their jeep's again. He snapped these great pictures of the kids "working" on their jeep's and Jon said he took them for our friend Denny! It was nice to see that the kids are finally getting the hang of driving these jeep's. Last year when we got them out they had no idea how to steer so they kept banging into the curb and each other. Needless to say we put them away until this year. I am really looking forward to summer (if it ever gets here). These kids are getting so much bigger everyday. We laugh a lot around here and that is good for the soul.

Oh and tonight as we were walking into the house I said "phew, why does it stink in here" to which KJ replied "because you have the toots mommy". Jon spent a good 2-3 minutes laughing so hard he could not talk. The things he teaches them when I am at work!!!!

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