Friday, November 21, 2008

It's In Their Blood

This past week we have been blessed to have Grandpa R and Grandma C here for a visit. This is so nice for all of us because having two extra sets of hands around the house is so helpful. Grandma C does all the cooking and she did most of the laundry when she was here. What a relief to have that extra help especially this week since I have come down with the crude of a cold.
Grandma C brought the kids a new game. It is Leapfrog Alphabet, Number, and Shapes Go Fish. These kids love this game and have played it a lot these past few days. This makes me smile because I am sure that GG Del is watching them from Heaven with a big grin on her face. She lived to play cards and honestly she played cards up until her last conscious moment here on earth. She would always say "What do people do if they don't play cards!" Anyway, it touches my heart to know that these kids are getting into card playing just like all of us in this family. After all "It's in their blood"!
Big thanks to Grandma C and Grandpa R for coming to visit and helping us out. The kids sure enjoyed it and so did Jon and I.

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