Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Unexpected Gifts

The weather has been so awesome the past few days around here. It is unseasonably warm and we are loving it! Now if it could stay this way for another six months that would be a dream come true.
Sunday we were over at Grandma and Grandpa A's house and we had a fire in their fire pit. It was such a fun afternoon of hanging out and chatting around a camp fire. The best part about it was we could still sleep in comfortable beds that night! The kids really had a great time. The kids loved running around the yard playing football with Uncle T and playing on the neighbors swing set. Since the weather was a surprise and the fire was also a surprise Grandma A did not have s'more makings. Although with all the candy that we have around here I don't think these kids are going without. It was such a nice day on Sunday. I was so relaxed and I really just enjoyed hanging out with the family. The kids finished off their day in the hot tub.

They LOVE to go in the hot tub at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Look at those smiles.
Another unexpected gift in a weird sort of a way is that K recovered from his illness of throwing up and diarrhea and his sisters or myself did not get it. Thank God. I hate the stomach flu. YUCK. It was also a gift that we were at Grandma M because she was a huge help with K and his illness.
This morning I decided that I wanted to demonstrate to the kids by being a model citizen and getting out to vote. I was a little nervous about going to the polls with three 4 year olds by myself but there was no line and the kids did awesome. It took about 10 minutes and it felt great. Not to mention it was a good lesson for the kids too.
This afternoon, we started swimming lessons with the kids again. We were not sure who the new swim teacher would be but once we met her I immediately liked her. She was very sweet with the kids and they seemed to take to her right away too. Plus they are the only three kids in the class and this is always a bonus for us too. After the lesson, the new teacher, Ms. M, told both Jon and I that we had very sweet and polite children and she really enjoyed the lesson today. That kind of feedback always feels great as parents. Plus, I had a date in the hot tub with my husband where we got to catch up on a few things. That is always nice too.
The organization that I seem to be getting done around the house feels great. The house looks great too and the kids are starting to help with picking stuff up. I guess I just feel organized and ready for my work week which starts tomorrow. That feels great too.

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