Sunday, September 13, 2009

Firework Fun

One of our favorite things about where we live in the annual "city" fun event. We live very close to the festivities and both Friday and Saturday night they have fireworks that we can literally see right from our upstairs windows. We have the perfect spot for these fireworks.
This year we decided to do a repeat of last year and invite our friends the Clarks over. We decided it would be fun to walk up to the park and experience all the festivities. There was fire truck water demonstrations, spooky characters the kids loved, RIDES-which Momma Clark was so great at getting all 6 kids on with less amount of tickets, then of course there was the food, and since we ate so much food we decided it was important to dance the night away too. The kids LOVED it.
Just as we were heading home to watch the fireworks from the comforts of our yard/house, they started! So this year we sat right underneath them. It was great and so much fun to see them from a different location.
Only bummer was that we had to walk in the woods in the dark as we forgot to bring a flashlight with us. It was a fun adventure and when we got home, we took some time to have a bonfire and we always enjoy that.
The hardest part for Jon and I is that this weekend always falls on the same weekend and our church fall festival. We spend the entire day at the fall festival work, playing, and visiting with friends and it wears all of us out. So Saturday night when we got home, we showered the kids up and then the five of us watched the fireworks from the upstairs windows. That was nice too and the kids LOVED it. Fireworks ROCK!
Oh and I did not have my camera but you can check out photos of the event here.

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