Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sue's Awesome Update

The following is the update that Sue sent me about the time she spent with the kids this past weekend. The kids love to go to her house but what is not to like about walks in the woods, craft time, obstacle courses, swimming pool, and so much more! THANKS SUE (and Denny Too)!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. They loved being in the woods, but it is a little scary when the wind is blowing hard like it was and the trees are creaking.

We had an obstacle course on Saturday, they loved that. I had my stop watch out and timed everyone. No one was worried about who was winning, they just all felt they had good times. E had to get a notebook and help keep track like I did. Everyone tried to beat their own time. They had to hop over 3 buckets, throw a ball through and inner tube, go through the chair tunnel, throw balls into more inner tubes, make them land there. Bounce on an exercise ball, run, and finally the hurdles. Everyone had to take a turn to be in charge of the stop watch. K was timing E, he kept saying, boy you have a lot of ones Ella.

Sunday we started out on the scooters and K said his throat hurt. They rode down to Martin Luther manor (all downhill) and then he was ready to be done, so we stopped at the park. He laid on a bench for some of the time. When we got home, E said "are you fibbing about your throat, maybe you just ate something sharp."

A told me you have rules at home now.
1) always listen to Mommy and Daddy
2) make your bed everyday.
3) always tell the truth
4) keep your hands and your feet to yourself
5) always put your toys away. She then told me it is really best if you put something away before you get something else out.

(A got most of these new house rules right! They have really helped us out at home this past week so far so good)

I told you about the no underwear. K told me, and then later Denny, Jon when he came and later you, that they must have fallen off somewhere. (K forgot to put underware on that morning much to his mother's dismay!)

E was rather miffed that all we did for "art" is color. (This one cracked Jon and I up)

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