Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Today was the first day of school for A, E, and K. They are in a half day preschool program for 5 year olds this year. This is there first formal "school" experience and they are so excited. We are in the afternoon program but from the minute they woke up yesterday, they were pumped up and ready to go. K asked me every five minutes if it was time to go to school yet. Then he finally said "Mom, are you sure we won't be late?"!
Grandma Mary came with to drop them off and the nice thing about drop off and pick up is that you just pull up to the door, they get out of the car and then you drive away and it is the same for pick up. So slick. When I went back to pick them up from school. They all climbed in the car and K announced "Mom, it was not enough time, we did not get to do everything"! Yahooo, they like school. I am thrilled.
Here are some pictures of them going off to their first day.

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