Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Moonie

Jon and I celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary today! We spent the day getting our house ready to put it on the market so it was not so romantic. However, this past weekend we were able get away down in Orlando for 3 nights and 4 days all to ourselves.
We had awesome accomodations on the Hilton Grand Getaway resort. We really did not do to much but we did laugh and just plain old spent time together catching up and focusing on our life together and how awesome it is.
We both really needed the time away. Grandma C and Grandpa R took the kids for us so we could take our trip so big thanks to them. The kids had fun too because they got to see their cousins and spend time with family that we just don't get to see all that much.
Last week as I described to my Massage Therapist what we were going to do, she said "oh you get to have a moonie"! I loved that! We called it a moonie all weekend.
I still can't believe how fast 9 years has gone by and I am sure that the next 9 will go even faster. Life is flying by but I am happy to report that I am loving EVERY minute of it. Love you babe, and thanks for an awesome weekend and all the laughs. You're the best and I love you more and more everyday!

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