Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sparkle The Elf Has Arrived

Recently, I purchased the kit, Elf on a Shelf. This includes a book and a minature elf to go along with it. The story is the elf explaining about what his job is around your house at Christmas time. The elf sits somewhere in your house and observes the behavior of the kids (and adults). Then with Christmas magic, he goes to see Santa every night to report how everyone has been behaving good or bad! Then each morning he will be in a new spot and it is the kids job to find him. He could be in the bathroom, the kitchen, the family room, laundry room, or even in the car. The kids are thrilled and K exclaimed "I cannot wait to find him tomorrow morning!"
Our first job was to give our new elf a name. The kids all decided on "Sparkle" which seems appropriate since he does have a sparkle in his eye. Sparkle has been given strict instructions from Santa that under no circumstances he cannot speak to the kids. He can only observe, listen, and report back to Santa every night. A keeps asking me if he is real and I keep reminding her about the rule that he cannot speak to us. There have been many discussions about what he eats, if he is hungry, who is friends are, etc.. We are having a blast!
We told the kids that they can tell the elf some of their wishes this holiday season. Shortly there after, I found K in the living room whispering to the elf.
This is going to be such a fun addition to our holiday traditions. We welcome Sparkle with open arms and it is so fun to have the holiday season upon on now and all the excitement and energy it brings.


The Hanlins said...

That is so CUTE!! Where did you get it?

Heather H. said...

Oh how fun!!!