Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two visits from the Tooth Fairy

Yup, that's right, K lost not one but TWO teeth in the last 3 days. The first one came out on Sunday afternoon when Jon gave it a little tug. The expression on K's face was priceless and he was so proud. It was awesome. Then today after he got done with his Gymnastics, he went over to show Miss Ann that he lost his tooth. She took a look in his mouth and said "K it looks like the other tooth is just hanging there, can I pull it out for you?" K replied "Yup!" She looked at me and I said "GO FOR IT"! So off they went to get a tissue and the next thing I know, K came running around the corner with a tooth in his hand and some gauze in his mouth. He was so excited and proud. So the tooth fairy came on Sunday night and it looks like she will be making another appearance tonight. If you ask K what he gets from her he will tell you a lot of money ($1 in change!) It is so fun to reach these milestones with the kids. The girls are envious and check their teeth everyday to see if any have come loose yet. So far K is down 3, girls are down 0!

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