Monday, November 16, 2009

The things they say!

We headed out to town this past weekend to visit Jon's family and to watch our niece E get confirmed. It was a short but fun get away and the kids always love to be with their cousins. This trip there was a lot of laughs and here are a few things that the kids had to say:

The first morning we were there we all woke up about the same time. Jon got up to go to the bathroom so all three kids jumped into bed with me. When Jon came back into the room, he laid down on the kids blow up mattress and as he did, K exclaimed: "Daddy, you pop that thing and you are sleeping there tonight"

In church on Sunday, K kept asking Jon when church was going to be over. Jon finally told him that it would be over when it was over and to not ask him that question again. A few minutes later, K said "Daddy...(long pause) do you think you are going to tell me when church is over?"

A was marking up the JC Penny catalog for Grandma so she would have some ideas for Christmas gifts this year. She found a pancake maker that she liked so she asked me if she could put that on her list in which I replied sure if you want. Then I notice she marks it with an N. I asked her why she put an N down and she said because it should be on your list mommy not mine!

At dinner one night, K was eating dinner and sitting next to Jon. He leaned over and quietly told Jon that he did not like the cheesy potatoes that Grandma made. Just after he told Jon this (10 sec. later) Grandma piped up from the other end of the table and asked K if he liked her potatoes in which he replied "yes, they are good Grandma"!

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