Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sunshine is medicine

Today was such a beautiful day. It was warm for this time of year and we spent a lot of the day outside. The sun was out and it was truly a gift of a day.
K went on a date this morning with Jane and they had quite the adventure. He had a great time with her and was very patient and good. They had to wait in line for 2.5 hours and he did not complain once and actually told us he had a great time.
This afternoon we met up with some friends at a local park. All the kids had a great time and so did us moms! We got to catch up while soaking in some rays and vitamin D. Such good medicine for the soul.
Today was one of those days that just make you want to smile. I ended my day with a surprise visit from one of my bestest and oldest friends K! I am now on my way to snuggle with my babe and have a mini date! Ahhhhh....Life is good!

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