Monday, November 16, 2009

We Got Bobs!

The girls have been asking me for over a week if we could get their hair cut. They insisted that they wanted "bobs" so today I called up my awesome friend S who does our hair and she said she had openings for tonight.
After dinner, the girls and I headed over to her house for some hair cuts. I was nervous that they would get their hair cut short and not like it but they LOVE it. S did a great job and the girls were so proud to strut into the house when we got home to show daddy and K their new doo's. It was a fun night. I am thrilled that they wanted to cut their hair as this will be much easier to manage from a mothers standpoint.
It is fun to watch them grow up and enjoy things like hair cuts. They really thought they were the cat's meow tonight! So fun!

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