Sunday, May 02, 2010

MS Walk 2010

Today was the 12th annual MS Walk for the Walking Maniacs team. This year we had a great turn out with about 25 people on our team. It was a beautiful day today for a walk and we all had a great time.
Big Thanks to Grandma Mary, Jane, and Rachel for watching kids and making lunch, Big Thanks to Grandpa Al and Gary for car pooling and grilling burgers and brats.
This walk means a lot to me and every year it is always a big success. This year between Jon and I we raised $3000. WOW! I am thrilled about that.
I feel so loved for so many friends and family that support me in this important cause, year after year after year! It feels great to fight against a disease that affects so many people. I am convinced that we are closer and closer to a cure every year. I feel good to raise money to support the research to find a cure.
Thank you to everyone that helped make today a success. My sponsors, friends, family you put one big smile on my face today and warmed my heart with your generosity. God bless all of you.