Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Friend Larry

Last week as I was picking the kids up from Preschool the office administrator asked me if we would be willing to watch Larry the rabbit for a weekend. Since she asked me this in FRONT of the kids, I was begged for the next three days to have Larry come and visit us for the weekend. So of course I would do what any good mom would do and I reluctantly agreed to pick up Larry at 1 PM on Friday.
Larry was a very soft bunny and we all fell in love with him right away. We even let him out of his cage and many times I would find Ella snuggled up on the floor with Larry. She bonded with that bunny like no one else.
Saturday morning when I walked in to check on Larry, you can imagine my surprise when he has escaped his cage. Luckily he was litter box trained so I did not have any messes to clean up but I am still puzzled as to how he got out of that cage.
We have two cats, Toby and Dexter and they even seemed to enjoy having Larry around. The part I liked least was cleaning out his cage every morning. That was a little nasty but we got through it.
You can imagine that this morning, when Jon announced it was time to pack Larry up to take him back to school, there were tears, lots of tears. It was heart wrenching to watch all three kids cry about Larry having to go back home. Ella was especially sad about poor Larry going back to school.
When we picked Grandma and Grandpa up at the Airport this afternoon, they asked about Larry and Ella's tears started all over again.
We will not own a bunny anytime soon. He was great to have around for a WEEKEND but the thought of cleaning out that cage every morning when I got out of bed well that is enough for me to say "No Rabbits" around here.
It was great to watch all three of the kids bond with Larry. It was good for all of us to have him

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