Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Spring Show ~ Dance Dance Dance

Saturday night the girls had their final dance show. This year the girls have been in the Just for Kix dance program and they LOVE IT. They had about 7 shows this year and last night they performed all of the dances that they learned this year. It was so much fun to watch how far they have come over the year and just tonight, E told me that she wants to dance again next year. I think this dance gives them so much as they learn to perform in front of a few hundred people and I believe this gives them courage and confidence. Watching them dance makes a mom proud and Jon could not be there but we bought the DVD of the show so the girls can watch it with him later in the comfort of our family room. K is also a proud brother and proudly went to get his sisters at the end of the show all by himself!

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