Monday, August 25, 2008


Once in awhile, a bad day comes your way. Today was one of those days for me. I got a call this morning from the Director at the Church that my children were to attend Preschool. He informed me that the Preschool would not be open this fall. I then asked him if he was kidding me? No this is for real. The Preschool that my THREE children were to attend has been closed. Yup...a week before school starts and they make that decision. He tried to comfort me by telling me that he could send me a list of Preschools in the area that still had openings. I then asked him if he realized that I had THREE children to find spots for? He was very apologetic and told me that he would not want to be in my shoes. Huh...Thanks I think?
Anyway, we are without preschool. Jon's response when I called him was "Good, we can teach them at home"! Then I called a handful of other people that are close to my children, along with some good friends that are teachers and they all said exactly what Jon can teach them at home. Preschool is to socialize your children. Now, I need to pray to God to give me the gift of teaching. This does not come naturally for me and I am scared to death. However, no one ever said parenting would be easy and this is just something that I need to learn how to do. So now I am going to research what I need to teach my 3-4yr olds so I can make sure that they do not fall behind.
I was nervous today to tell the kids that they won't be going to school. I explained that they would not be going to the Preschool that we have talked about all summer. A said "Good I don't want to go to that school" and of course K said "Why did it close mommy?" and then continued with about twenty more why questions after that. Then I asked them if they wanted Mommy and Daddy to teach them at home. They all replied in a loud cheer "YEAH"! So they are not upset at all. Now I just need to get over my anger and move forward. I have a feeling that this is exactly how things are supposed to be. We will survive this road bump and who knows maybe I can learn to be a good teacher or at least a more patient person.
Also, when it rains it pours. When I was in the mist of figuring out all of this Preschool stuff today. My sweet baby K told me that his ear hurt and asked for an ice pack. I spent about 45 minutes laying on his bed with him and reading books. When he still was not feeling better I then decided it was time to call the doctor. We went in this afternoon and my little guy has a DOUBLE ear infection. Poor fella!! We now have our antibiotics and ear numbing drops and it seems as though he is feeling MUCH better.
Some days can be so challenging. However, after I heard the news about a triplet mom who lost all three of her babies. I hug my kids tight and know that even my challenging days could always be worse...way worse. God bless my family.


Laura said...

That stinks about preschool! How about some community classes (gym or dance classes) to get out of the house. As far as teaching them, I have heard good things about The Learning Box from Michele at 4xs the fun. Good luck!

Susy said...

are you freakin kidding me??? wow, that is so weird. I mean, both of my kids went to that preschool and we loved it and they always had a waiting list, and the directors were always so organized and everything was planned out...I can't believe they did that to you. and with 3 kids too. not very professional or nice.
I'm sorry. Have you looked into the Ready to Learn program at Gideon Pond? that would be really convenient.