Friday, August 22, 2008

T-Ball Champs

Our 2008 T-ball season has come to an end. The kids really enjoyed learning how to throw, catch, field, and hit the ball. They also really enjoyed running the bases and playing with their friends. I am still in amazement that my sweet babies are now "KIDS" and they do things like T-Ball. Amazing how fast childhood goes, if not your own that of your child.I love the picture above. It really shows what 4 yr old t-ball is all about. You have one little boy going for the ball, you have one little girl playing in the sand. You have A who is not even paying attention to the game, and then E who is thrilled to be running the bases but has no fear of getting out because that just does not happen in 4 yr old T-ball. LOVE IT! KJ was a ball hog! He would run clear across the field to get a ball. He was really into playing T-ball.
A & E liked T-Ball too. They were just not as aggressive about it. That is probably just the difference between most boys and girls. The most important factor was that they all had fun. I would like to say that we were successful at that. They all got a medal and they were THRILLED! Oh what fun.

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