Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lakehome Adventures 2008

We spent this past weekend at the Lake Home of the T family (Jon's sister and family). We all had a great time and the kids (and adults too) just love to be at the lake. We did some swimming, boating, Wii, camp fire, and we even took in a Rodeo (or a radio if you ask the kids). It was a great weekend and as always it is sad to see it end.
Below is a slide show of a few of the pictures Jon and I captured throughout the weekend. The rodeo was not only the kids but also my first time being at one. It was fun to watch and I am amazed at how brave those cowboys are!!!
I think we all enjoyed the Wii but the nice thing was that the "cousins" E & E helped to teach our kids how to play some of the games on the Wii. Jon and I tend to lose our patients when teaching them so that was nice.
The food was great and the quality time together was exceptional. Thanks T family for an awesome weekend!!

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