Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fair Going

Yesterday, the five of us headed to the Fair. The kids were so excited to go see all the animals, eat some yummy food and hang out. We spent about 6 hours at the fair and the time just FLEW by. It was very exciting. We pet a newborn pig, sheep, and cow. We also got to see a Lamb show (not very exciting but they were judging the best Lamb). We saw lots of roosters and chickens and the big pig but it was not all that big this year so not very impressive. We also met a horse named Sam. He was very handsome and the kids really enjoyed petting him. He sniffed KJ's hand and then he made some funny noises so KJ thought that was really funny.
We also met up with our friend the B Triplets and we hung out with them for awhile. Daddy J pulled them around in our wagon. After that we got the kids Icee's and they were kind enough to give us three small cups and charged us for one icee. Then it was Jon and I turn to get some food. We headed over to the food building where Jon got his cheese curds and I got my Deep Friend Pickles. YUMMMY!
After we ate it was then time to walk again. We headed down to the Little Farms Helping Hands. The kids really enjoyed this. First they planted seeds, then they got corn, then the drove mini tractors, fed the chickens, cows, and sheep, picked apples and the went to the market with all their food. In the end they get to pick one item from the grocery store. I tried to talk them into a can of green beans but they all picked a small box of cereal. Oh well.
After the little helping hands farm we met up with the S family and went to see a Dog show. The kids loved this. Lots of dogs would run through obstacle courses. We then headed over to a log show and watched that for awhile. After we walked around some more with the S family, we then decided it was time to go home. We did get the kids each a corn dog for supper and then some mini doughnuts for the ride home. We all ate well! It was a fun day at the fair.

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