Thursday, March 19, 2009

3 Mothers

The girls have taken on the role of "mothering" K. This might have something to do about his listening skills or lack there of lately. To many people bossing him around. I will have to keep my eye on this but below is from an email that my friend Sue sent to me about what happened when they were at her house this past weekend. It made me smile.

As you know, the girls are little mothers to K. Several time during the day one or the other of them would tell K to do or not do something. At one point the girls and I were playing Cootie, Denny had given K his Lightening McQueen car so he was playing with that on the kitchen floor while we were at the kitchen table. I had my back to K and E looks up and says "K, don't do that!", and he starts to reply "you are not my..." and E buts in, "I know I am not your mother but DON'T do that" (I don't even remember what he was doing).

Poor K, he is stuck with being around 1 big mommy and 2 little mommies all day long! I do believe that he will be a great catch someday with all this female influence in his life!!! I do feel sorry for the little guy though as training can be tough!

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