Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Sensitive One

If someone would have told me when I was pregnant that out of my three wonderful children, my most sensitive one would be the boy, I would never have believed it. However, that seems to be the case these days. I am not sure if it is a boy thing or just a sensitive thing but K is so sensitive. Just tonight, we were having a conversation at dinner time about Jesus and Easter and why he died to save all of us. I know it is kind of deep but the kids kept asking me questions and I was just being as honest with them as possible. From this conversation, we started to talk about death and of course GG Del came up. I was trying to explain about heaven and earth and why people die. I was trying to explain what heaven was and that it was not a place to be afraid of but one that would bring us all such joy. K then asked why we feel so bad when someone dies. I thought this was pretty deep for a 4.5 yr old but I explained that we feel sad because we won't see those people again for such a long time that we are sad but that the people who die (AKA GG Del) are happy. The next thing I know K had watery eyes and he would not look at me because he did not want me to see him cry. I gave me a hug and told him that it was okay to cry about it and that I still feel sad and cry about GG Del too. This is just one example of his sensitiveness.
Whenever we are leaving people that we don't see very often, like Grandma and Grandpa E, Uncle Bern and Aunt Lorretta, and various others, K always gets watery eyes. He hates good byes and he can't stand to think it will be awhile before he sees that person again. This breaks my heart but I know that he is just having natural human reactions to sad things like saying goodbye or see you later to loved ones.
For me, I hope that he continues to have this sensitive side to him when he gets older. I think it important to have emotions and be sensitive. I am not sure how Jon feels about this but I do know that I am married to a rock. A man that I love with all my heart and soul but one that does not show emotion very often at all. The fact that he married someone like me...Ms. Emotional, amazes me but I think it is God having a sense of humor much like giving me 3 babies at one time! My hope is that maybe K's sensitive side will rub off on Jon a little cause can you really be a rock forever? Can you really walk your daughters down the aisle or watch them get married and not shed a tear? I guess only time will tell. For now, I will continue to be that caring mom to two beautiful loving girls and one handsome sensitive boy! After all, that is what I do best these days. God bless!

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