Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Sunshine

Today we had awesome weather! It has been such a long winter that it is really helping all of us appreciate this sunshine and warm weather we have been having! God is great to give us such beautiful weather these past few days. This kind of weather puts a skip in my step and a smile in my heart.
Today my oldest (not age wise but friendship wise) and dearest friend Kristin was off for her spring break from her teaching job and she wanted to get together. I gave her the choice of library reading time or the zoo. We headed to the zoo and I am so glad we did. The sun was out, I felt great, the kids love Kristin and the zoo so it was such a nice day. Grandma Mary graciously made everyone a lunch so we ate lunch in the sun and just really enjoyed the scenery and company amongst us.
One of my favorite exhibits at our zoo is the Grizzly Bear. Today one of the Grizzly Bears was swimming around in the pond having a great time. It was fun to watch and you can get so close that there is literally about a 4 inch piece of glass between you and the bear. He got so close to us that K jumped back. All the animals were out at the zoo. We saw the tiger, the camels, the bears, monkeys, otters, wolverines, etc.. I guess the animals must love the spring weather as well.
I am so happy that spring is amongst us. It makes us all feel so much better and so much more alive!

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