Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Planes, Trains, & Mini Vans

Yes, we were back at the travels again this past weekend. This time we were off to GA to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We all had a BLAST! They were so hospitable to us and the kids loved all the attention and treats. They had so many fun things planned and it was nice to get to their house and have the whole weekend planned out for us. My Aunt Lorretta told me the first night we got there that even if the kids had toys throughout the whole did not matter. That was music to my ears. We were all so comfortable there. So if you are reading this Aunt Lorretta or Uncle Bern THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such an awesome weekend.
Saturday we all headed to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium. Not only the kids but all of us loved it. My favorite was the beluga whales. They were so cool.
We had lunch there and then we went through the tunnel underneath the gigantic aquarium and we saw large sharks, sting rays, and a ton of fish. It was really cool. We also saw beluga whales, sea otters, crocodiles, and many other things.
After the aquarium, we headed across the street to the Olympic Park. It was neat to see where the Olympics took place and the kids enjoyed playing on the large outdoor playground. It was a gorgeous day at about 70 and sunny! It felt great. After Olympic Park we decided to head over to Fernbrook museum to see the Dinosaur exhibit. I love the picture above because Aunt Lorretta was so proud to be with the kids and she loved to take them around and show them her "town"! We had no idea what a hit Fernbrook was going to be with K and how taken he was with the dinosaurs. It was really need to see him get so excited and want to learn so much about them. We will for sure find another museum to go to so he can learn even more about them.
After Fernbrook we headed to D&B's for dinner. This place was a blast too. We spent at least 2.5 hours there and the kids loved playing the games and getting the tickets. Aimee won the horse race many times but the first time she won she was thrilled about all her tickets. I wish I would of had it on camera because her face was so cute and it was if she had just won the lottery. We all had a good laugh about this. We had dinner at D&B's and after we used up all of our game tokens we traded our tickets in for some treasures and headed back to Bern and Lorretta's for bed. It was really late but the kids were troopers all day.Sunday we got up late and we all got ready so we could go to church. As always, the kids were excellent in church and after church we drove around Athens looking at all the bull dogs! The kids loved doing this.
After a late lunch we all went back to Bern and Lorretta's and changed so we could go to another park and play. I was a good girl and ran two miles while Jon, Lorretta, Bern and the kids played baseball on one of the empty fields. Uncle Bern was very impressed with K and E and how well they could hit the ball. Oh and did I mention that the weather was 75 and sunny on this day! It was awesome.
Sunday night Lorretta invited some of their close friends, Karen & Bob, over and we all had dinner together. The kids were smitten with Karen and there were many belly laughs.Monday, we got up late and hung out until it was time to pack our bags and hit the road. It was sad to say goodbye to Uncle Bern and Aunt Lorretta but we all needed to get back.
We did not have confirmed seats on the Monday afternoon flight so we stayed a night in a hotel in Charlotte but the kids thought this was such a fun adventure. We did get out on Tuesday morning and arrived home safely. Now we are starting to plan for our next trip since we are becoming such seasoned travelers. The kids just told me tonight that they like to travel and they can't wait until they can do it again! YAHOO!

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